About IEOM

About IEOM

Founded in 2014, we are an independent trade support Institution in Nigeria committed to equipping business leaders across the country with critical knowlege resources, indispensable business insights, advice and tools they need to make the right decisions and stay ahead of the changes and trends shaping international trade globally.

What we do

Our clients turn to us for indispensable insights on export business, markets and trade insights, advice and tools, delivered through our core service offerings:

How we deliver

We Build Bridges.

The Institute brings together subject-matter experts, practitioners, business leaders, policy makers, and academics to deliver on our goals, projects and initiatives.

We also partner with relevant agencies, and organizations in various sectors, leveraging on shared resources to deliver impact. Our work is predicated on these three pillars:


Expert faculty

Professional Ethics

Our Focus Areas

Our work with clients cut across production, value-addition, marketing through to exports. We aim to suuport our clients from end-to-end through the export process.

Agriculture & Agribusiness

From seedling to harvest, we consult with farmers across the country who are interested in improving the quality and quantity of their yield and meeting the highest global standards.

Export Readiness

From readiness evaluations through planning and strategy, we work with clients to build their capacity and readiness to engage successfully in international trade and export business.

Documentation and Compliance
Documentation and Compliance

Understanding the nitty-gritty of compliance is critical to entering new markets successfully. We help clients identify and fulfill all documentation and compliance needs for successful exporting.

Packaging and Standards

IEOM's ITC-trained packaging consultants have the practical knowledge and expertise to help package and brand your business and products to comply with international market requirements.

IEOM is an independent, trusted resource and advisor to more than 300+ enterprises and business leaders, providing critical insights on the latest trends/practices in international trade.